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We can also help with administrative matters

Generally and personally questions

Foreigners from throughout the EU community often approach me with questions about Turkey, or may even ask for help.

Throughout my familiarly and professional binding and my over 20-year stay in Turkey, we are often able to give the answers or even
provide the needed help. Therefore, we have decided to offer this service directly also on our Web site.

My wife is Turkish, I am Austrian and therefore you can write us in English, Turkish and German.
If you have questions concerning the Sailing area, to Turkey in general, to one of the below listed subjects, just contact us per mail.

We also help with your administrative matters!



Picture at the deskSailing area, yachts, political situation, resident permits, real estate or if you even have plans to build a house by yourself.

Be aware to be carefully in thrusting offers for houses and ground on websites. Even if the contact person speaks your language. Sadly we met many persons that lost a lot of money in those kinds of businesses.

Don’t forget that legal clams to a civil court, can easily last many years and always costing more money. Also most times, warranty claims are not working out like you may know them from home.


Finally, I like to make a statement according the work of our country’s legal representations, like Embassies and Consulates.

All of staff members are trying to answer your questions, as accurate as they can, but everybody understands that they can give you just
textbook like answers, nobody (or very less of them) will tell you how it really works and the things are handled daily out on the street.

I always was thankful if I meet a foreigner that still lives or at last, lived for a long time there and could give me some advice or simply was pointing me in the right direction.

To you all, that are considering to spend a part of their live in Turkey, I recommend to first come and visit us, but don’ to stay in mass tourism places. Not the Bazars that are full with false carpets and fake perfumes.

Try to go just 20 miles inland from the coast and then you will experience the real Turkey.
The real helpfulness and the great hospitality of the Turkish people.


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YMT - Yacht Management Turkey

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