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An great vacation on a yacht can be so easy...

bild-yacht-meerThat`s why we offer you our uncomplicated and reasonable “Looking after” service for your boat. It is an easy Yacht service, as it had to be!

Instead, to start your holiday on board with work, YMT is giving you the opportunity to start your vacation with a complete “Ready to go” boat.

We can offer you from a complete “All inclusive” contract, including every Looking-after and service work that your boat needs, over reasonable priced and especially to your particular needs designed “Looking-after” contracts, until a reduced “Winter-service” contract.

Through our 20 years of great experience in the Yacht Charter and Yacht Service business, we learned what our clients wishes and needs are!


Getting a general idea...

Apart from the complete technical service, we offer, we are also able to organize the following;
  • At arrival, the transfer for you and your crew (air-conditioned busses)
  • Inside and outside cleaning of your boat
  • First provisions according to your wishes, if you arrive late at night
  • Flight confirmation and back transfer, after your trip
Of course, that is only a small overview of our services and should just show you that YMT-Yacht Management Türkiye/ Kusadasi is able
to provide you with all the things your boat and you and your crew need!

For any questions and for further information, please  Navi icon Contact us!

Your YMT-Yacht Management Team


« We help you when authorities matters »


Our authorities Service

We are pleased to offer assistance to any questions and difficulties in real estate ownership, land ownership and property acquisition
in Türkiye and in many administrative procedures in consulates and diplomatic missions.

The bureaucratic hurdles in Türkiye are unfortunately hard to cope sometimes high and without third-party support.

For Official transitions more time must be scheduled as in Austria or Germany. Please keep in mind that you may need to repeatedly audition
for the exhibition simple documents.

The public administration is structured differently and experienced assistance with authorities is very helpful.

For questions just take  Navi icon Contact us or refer to our page  Navi icon Authority service



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